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Glenlo Abbey Hotel Galway Galway City

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The Bride

The Bride decides on the type of Service. She selects the Bridesmaids and decides on her own dress and the Bridesmaids attire. The Bridegroom picks the Best Man and Ushers. He pays the Church Fees and buys presents for the Bridesmaids, Best Man and Ushers. He also buys flowers for his Bride, the Bride’s Mother, his Mother and the Bridesmaids, and buttonholes for himself and the Best Man. He arranges for transport for himself and the Best Man to the Wedding, and for the Bride and himself after the Wedding.

The Best Man

The Best Man keeps the ring and ensures that the Bridegroom gets to the Church on time. He pays the Church Fees on behalf of the Bridegroom. At the Reception, it is the Best Man’s duty to read all congratulatory telegrams. The Chief Bridesmaid assists the Bride to dress, holds the Bouquet during the Ceremony and oversees the other Bridesmaids.

The Bride’s Father

The Bride’s Father gives the Bride away. He receives Guests at the Reception. He pays for the Wedding Dress, Bridesmaids’ Dresses, Cars (except the Bridegroom’s), Photographs, Church and Reception Flowers, Invitations and Press Announcements (if any). That’s all. The Bride’s Mother handles any catering arrangements and ensures the Wedding Cake is ready. After the Wedding Ceremony, the Bride’s Mother and Father, together with the Bride and Bridegroom and his Parents, greet the Guests at the Reception. Top Table Seating Plan

The Reception

The traditional line-up to greet the Guests is as follows ~ the Bride’s Parents, followed by the Bridegroom’s Parents, then the Bride and Bridegroom and lastly, the Bridesmaids and the Best Man. Most Receptions begin with an Apéritif served before the Meal. Always include no-alcoholic drinks for abstainers.

The Wedding Breakfast

When the Meal is ready to be served, the Bridesmaids and Best Man seat the Guests. When everyone is seated, the Bride and Bridegroom are alerted to enter the Room.

Toasts and Speeches

The Best Man calls on the Bride’s Father to propose a Toast to the health and happiness of the Bride and Groom. The Bridegroom then proposes a toast to the Bridesmaids, having replied to the first toast. The Best Man responds to the Bridegroom’s Speech on behalf of the Bridesmaids. He then reads the telegrams to the Guests.

The Cutting of the Cake

After desert and coffee are served, the Bride and Bridegroom cut the first slice of the Wedding Cake together. The Food and Beverages Manager will then cut the Cake which is divided among the Guests. The Speeches then follow.