A Fine Dining Experience like no other...
A Fine Dining Experience like no other...

"Set in two exquisite original carriages from the Orient Express, we sat in a dreamy carriage with inlaid wood panelling, antique lace curtains and fine china, dining on confit duck, foie gras and beluga lentil jus."  

Lucinda O'Sullivan 


"I was initially wary of dining in the Pullman. Maybe I pre-imagined it akin to many 'themed' establishments, as gimmicky with mediocre food propped up by knick-knacks and false bonhomie. Nothing could be further from the truth. The experience was charming, the ambience absorbing and the food good enough to tempt me back the next time I am in the vicinity."

Ernie Whalley


"Background ‘clackity-clack’ and hooting noises lend an authenticity to the experience and the romance is sustained by discreetly piped music of the 1940s and 50s. The view from the windows is of a coiffeured golf course, Lough Corrib and Connemara hills in the distance."

Georgina Campbell
Galways most unique dining experience. Step back in time and dine aboard the Pullman Restaurant. Comprising of two original Pullman carriages, beautifully restored and set on the grounds of the hotel.

Book a private booth or sit by the window with spectacular views overlooking Glenlo Abbey Estate and Lough Corrib.

Converted into a wonderful Restaurant Car without losing any of its original character, this historic Pullman train carriage had been residing at Elsenham Station in Hertfordshire, England, before joining the many and varied facilities already available at Glenlo Abbey Hotel Galway.
Having recently been awarded the prestigous second AA rosette, the Pullman Restaurant is certainly a dining experience like no other.

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Opening Times:

 OPENING TIMES: From March 1st.   to October 31st.The Pullman Restaurant is open 7 days a week, from 6.30pm each evening.

For Reservations and Enquiries, please contact reception on +353 (0)91 519600 or email reception@glenloabbey.ie