Neven's Greenway Food Trails at Glenlo Abbey Hotel & Estate

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In his new six part series 'Neven's Greenway Food Trails', Neven Maguire travels Ireland's most spectacular Greenways, and meets some of the best food producers and chefs in the country along the way. One of the stops included is the Pullman Restaurant at Glenlo Abbey Hotel & Estate.
We have included the Guinea Fowl recipe below that Neven made while visiting Glenlo Abbey Hotel & Estate, for you to try at home.

The Pullman Restaurant

Ireland’s most unique fine dining experience. 
Step back in time and dine aboard the Pullman Restaurant. Comprising of two original carriages from the Orient Express, beautifully restored and set on the grounds of the estate. Enjoy the luxury and splendour of dining in true style and sit by the window seat and take in the spectacular views overlooking Glenlo Abbey Estate and Lough Corrib.
Here is the delicious Guinea Fowl recipe that Neven made while visiting Glenlo Abbey Hotel & Estate. We hope you enjoy making it at home.
  • 1 whole bird (can be sourced from online butchers but pheasant or a free range chicken will be equally good) 
  • 2 litres fresh chicken stock 
  • 500 grams stock vegetables roughly chopped (onion carrot celery leek) 
  • 1 tablespoon tomato puree 
  • 100 ml white wine
  • Small bunch thyme 
  • 150 g millet (cous cous or lentils can be substituted) 
  • 1 tablespoon of Dukkha spice mix 
  • 2 baby carrots and one courgette for garnish 
  • 2 teaspoons of tahini paste 
  • 1 sheet of filo or spring roll pastry (keep rest in freezer ) 
  • A block of butter 
  • Flaky sea salt
  • Bunch parsley

  • In a pot big enough to take the whole bird add a splash of oil and on a high heat brown off your stock veg. You can normally buy a punnet of theses in the supermarket for soup base. When these start to brown but not burn add the tomato paste stirring all the time and then add the white wine. Wait until the wine has almost all disappeared and add your chicken stock. Fresh stock can be bought in most supermarkets, but a cube and water will work just fine. Bring this to a gentle simmer and add the thyme. Gently lower the whole bird into the stock and simmer for 10 minutes. Carefully remove the bird (I would recommend using clean washing up gloves it will be hot so be careful) onto a roasting pan or large Pyrex dish. Let cool until it's manageable to work with, this may take up to 10 minutes or so.
  • With a large sieve strain the stock from the pan.
  • Carefully remove the breasts and set aside. When cool enough you can put into the fridge until later.
  • Flake down all the remaining meat of the legs and in a smaller pot cover with stock and gently simmer (make sure to top up with stock and not boil dry) for 1 hour.
  • Bring the rest of the stock to the boil and reduce in another pot. Peal your baby carrots and cut your courgettes into small, nice bite size pieces. Blanch these in your boiling stock and refresh in cold water then pat dry.
  • Take half of your boiling stock into a separate pot and add the millet. This will take about 18 minutes to cook. When ready tip out onto a flat baking tray and let all the steam come off. Leave to the side.
  • When the rest of the stock has come down to about 400 ml, whisk in the Tahini and put to the side.
  • Chop your parsley. Remove the braised meat and pick through it to make sure there are no small bits of cartilage, you can roughly chop it if the bits are two big. Mix the chopped parsley and the chopped meat together, have a taste and add salt to your preference.
  • Spread out 1 sheet of filo/ spring roll pastry on a chopping board and cut into 3 even lengths (you will only need 2). Form the meat into 2 triangle shapes in your hand and place at the bottom on the strips. Brush the pastry with a little melted butter this will make it stick and fold over continuously until you are left with a samosa shape. If this is daunting any sealed parcel shape will do. The best way to cook this is in a small fryer but you can pan fry or heat in the oven if you wish as long as it heats through, and you have crisp pastry.  
  • All of the above can be done a day in advance or the morning of but now when ready you can finish the dish.
  • Warm your grill or fryer if you have one and a good heavy based pan. Heat your sauce in a small sauce pot. Place the millet under the grill to lightly toast. Season your breast well and place skin side down into the hot pan. Once seared (has a good colour) reduce the heat and fry gently on both sides. Add a generous knob of butter and baste with a soup spoon. You can add your garnish vegetable to this pan now to warm through. Cook your samosa (3 minutes will do). Remove the veg from the pan and toss in the dukkah spices.
  • Remove the millet from under the grill and mix with a good spoon of the sauce and place on the centre of you presentation plate. Its always a good idea to prewarm your plates either a few seconds under the grill or even a quick blast in the microwave. Carve your breast in half place on top of the millet and arrange the veg and samosa around and finish with a good spoon of the Tahini sauce.

If the above sounds like too much work, the braised meat can be just folded through the grains. If you don't want to use grains, the braised meat can be mixed with a bit of wilted spinach and mash to make bubble and squeak which you can fry like a potato cake.

As with any poultry dish there are many steps , be careful to wash your hands well at the raw steps and avoid cross contamination with other ingredients. 

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