A captivating and thrilling experience!

Falconry is available to all of our guests of Glenlo Abbey Hotel. Come up close and personal with many birds of prey within the sheltered Walled Garden. Guided and instructed by our experienced resident falconer, Jason, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with some of nature's top predators.

Advance bookings are required and is subject to availability. 


Say hi to Amber, our Indian Eagle owl.

She is as sassy as she is beautiful and will amaze you with just how fast and silent she can be for such a large owl.


Meet our Golden barn owl Ghost.

Not alone is she unusual, but she loves meeting new people and has even delivered rings at weddings… she's a little star.


Meet Odin, our young male Golden Eagle.

Golden eagles have been extinct in Ireland for more than a century but we are happy that Odin, being the first resident Golden Eagle in Galway in a hundred years, is an ambassador for his species and can make their reintroduction a success.


This is Seamus one of our friendly Harris Hawks.

Being the only social birds of prey that hunt in packs like wolves, they are both smart and agile, and a most thrilling Raptor to fly.


Say hello to Brianne our female European Eagle Owl, which happens to be the largest owl in the world.

With her calm personality and her five foot wingspan, she is a true gentle giant.


Meet Angel our female Gyr Falcon.

Gyr Falcons are the largest and  most prestigious of all the falconry birds and were reserved only for the King.

Franz Ferdinand

Franz Ferdinand is a Harris Hawk known for his intelligence and unique flying style. Franz is an exceptional Hawk to work with!