As part of our ongoing journey to enhance our guests stay at Glenlo Abbey, Galway we have recently added a new Billiards Room to add a new dimension to the experience for new and returning guests..  A recent article from our General Manager, Rory O'Sullivan 

Quite a statement piece in its own right the ornately carved Billiards Table with a swash of Orange baize sits proudly in the centre of the room surrounded by panelled Tartan wall coverings to give a relaxed club feel.

Located just off the Oak Cellar Bar it is the ideal venue for guests who seek a little more in the way of friendly adventure and competition whilst relaxing on our 138 acre estate.

"Our strategy for the last few months at Glenlo Abbey has centred on adding a new layer of luxury to our guests experiences at the hotel. Having listened intently to our guests over the past few years we felt there was a great opportunity to add more value to and enhance their stay by creating and developing the concept of the Billiards Room and Abbey Movie Theatre.

Ireland and especially the West as we all know can have the odd rainy day so it was important for us to offer varied options for our guests for relaxation and comfort in luxurious surroundings within the hotel.

Rory O'Sullivan 



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